The Second International seminar on Biocosmology

The Second International seminar on Biocosmology is planned to be held on the 24-27-th of July, 2011, in Veliky Novgorod, Russia. 

As compared with the First International seminar on Biocosmology, three substantial modifications are introduced. 

First: the topic of the Seminar is approved — “Biocosmological evolutionary cyclic triadicity — triunity and three-dimensionality of scientific methodologies”.
The introduction of a specific theme for the Seminar aims to turn scholarly debates into concrete-substantive and meaningful discussions, and thus, in the outcome, - to achieve the level of already tangible research problems and directions for the Biocosmological development. 
A key point for the topic of Triadicity is just the three-dimensionality of the real world’s existence and evolution, and, accordingly, — the three-dimensionality of the real (and effective) means of the world’s scientific research. Herein, the article with the title "All-Embracing (Triune) Medicine of the Individual's Health: A Biocosmological Perspective" (see Annex 1) may be of some use. It was published in the «Journal of Futures Studies» and is available online — Here the author attempted to present precisely a systematic analysis of the Triadicity issue with respect to the real world and the three-dimensionality of its scientific exploration. Thus, this article can be helpful to any colleague who intends to define her/his position on the issue of Triadicity and her/his willingness to participate in its discussion. 

Second: the organizational form of the Seminar will follow the principle of conducting panels or discussion groups (organizing discussions of actual issues on the basis of pre-planned and prepared presentations); to this effect composing each group of 5 members: chairman, 3 speakers and a discussant (a colleague who is competent in the matter under discussion, and who critically summarizes the given presentations). For his part, chairman of a panel carries out the procedure rules (including time-limit - strictly 90 minutes for each panel) and, jointly with the discussant, - manage the course of the discussion on a given topic. Each participant can be the organizer of the panel (of her/his participation), as well as each member of the Organizing Committee can execute the role of organizer (regardless of personal involvement). 
In this regard, with respect to the Second scientific meeting on Biocosmology, – a significant point is that this form of organization does not provide the primary receiving and selection of abstracts from the Seminar participants. Instead, the International Organizing Committee will realize the selection of applications for the holding of panels; which organizers, in turn, primarily will accomplish the selection and organization of their panel’s participants (chairmen, presenters, discussants) – for the discussion of the topical issue. In other words, this time the primary selection of participants is entrusted to the organizers of the Seminar panels. In turn, on the side of colleagues who wish to participate in the Seminar - we encourage them to determine for themselves the research direction and its head (see the functional structure of the Organizing Committee), i.e. – to determine the area (direction) of exploration that mostly corresponds to the proposed matter of discussion), – and further to contact directly with the chosen organizer (member of the Organizing Committee), by submitting to her/him the prepared proposal (abstract). 

The third significant point reflects our strategy of the essentially international cooperation in the course of the Biocosmological project. This is the fundamental principle of the Biocosmological Association – Biocosmology is meaningful exclusively on a worldwide scale (in the universal and all-embracing consideration of the global organic development); thus, – Biocosmological project becomes possible exclusively through an effective international cooperation. Therefore, as provided by this need, - the structure of organized panels should include representatives of two or more countries (otherwise, the application will not be accepted for review). 

Deadline for the panel proposals expires on February 1, 2011. 

The contact e-mail for the submission of proposals - Biocosmology.VelikyNovgorod.2011 @ (copy should be sent to the address - Konstantin.Khrutsky @ )

General guidelines:
  1. All proposals have to be scholarly in nature; 
  2. All proposals will have to be approved by the International Organizing Committee of the Seminar (Organizing Committee); 
  3. Each proposal for the panel normally includes a chair, up to three speakers and a discussant. The proposal should include: the title of the panel; name, rank/position and academic affiliation of the participants, contact addresses; and, if possible at this stage, titles of the speakers' presentations; 
  4. Panels must be international in composition. Panels with participants from only one country will not be accepted; 
  5. The allotted time for a panel is strictly 90 minutes. It is highly recommended that each speaker be allowed no more than 15-20 minutes for her or his presentation; 
  6. The consent of all panel participants should be obtained before a panel is proposed. No one may be proposed without his or her knowledge and consent; 
  7. Proposals for individual papers - not included in a proposal for a panel - may be included in the Congress program by the decision of the Organizing Committee. Such papers may be presented in special sessions or included in other panels (Organizing Committee participates in the composition of panels). In individual cases, the inclusion of such presentation into the other panel means that the chairman accords to presenter a 5 minutes reply from the place; 
  8. All paper proposals should include a preliminary abstract (from half-page to 2 pages); 
  9. The official languages of the Seminar are English and Russian. 

Andrey Kuzmin,
Oct 11, 2010, 8:07 AM