About the Journal

The journal "Biocosmology — neo-Aristotelism” is published by the Biocosmological Association and was founded in the July 24, 2010, by virtue of the general solution by the participants of the First International seminar on Biocosmology in Veliky Novgorod, organized by the Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise and Veliky Novgorod Administration. This journal is a peer-reviewed periodical that is published four times a year in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Currently, "Biocosmology - neo-Aristotelism” has the electronic form, thus carrying out its key functional role in the development of the Biocosmological Association. Its main aim is the selection and publication of scientific works that carry out the development of Biocosmological approaches in modern science and philosophy.

Journal’s structure reflects a cornerstone moment - the scope of Biocosmology (in relation to life processes) is not limited, — it embraces all the possible life phenomena and processes: biological, ecological, anthropological and personalist (psychological), sociocultural, cosmist (i.e. global evolutionary, including cultural life processes on Earth). (The only exception is the sphere of political research, taking into account its complexity and difficulties in the accomplishment of a realistic scientific approach). In other words, any natural, social or humanitarian (except political) science will match the solution of research problems and exchange of views in the mainstream of Biocosmology, but only in the case if the explorers, while carrying out their activities, — will use (or examine critically) Aristotle’s (organicist, functionalist) approach, thus applying in the research comprehension of all four Aristotelian cosmological causes — driving realistic forces. Herewith, however, another important point is to recognize (or, at least, to take into consideration) a leading value of causa finalis and entelecheia, i.e. to consider (including the critical aspects) the immanent (goal- and whole-organizing) factors - their principal value in the life of a subject of life.

Clearly, that is impossible, in principle, to create a specific editorial board of the scholars who could comprehend such an (all-embracing) scope of research. Therefore, also taking into account the fundamental principle of an immanent teleological Biocosmological essentialism (functionalism) — our own functionalist approach is proposed for the Journal’s structural construction and operation. This is the selection of self-sufficient research directions that realize a Biocosmological perspective, and, thus, provide an adequate number of different research areas that have their own aims and scopes of research, and when each of the directions is headed by a specialist – the person with special knowledge in this field who performs skillfully the entire research. Currently, the organizational functionalist construction of the Journal is reflected in the structure of Editorial Board, which is organized during the preparatory period and was approved in the special session at the Seminar in the July, 2010.

It is planned that the creation of the printed form of the journal will be implemented in the near future. At the same time, electronic form (in parallel) will retain its importance and, in the future, - will be used for the accumulation and structurization of the given (available) information on Biocosmology.