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·  The dawn of cosmology: Sumerian, Egyptian and Phoenician concepts of the universe

·  Vicissitudes of cosmology and Giordano Bruno’s discourse with Aristotle

·  Aristotle’s and Lucretius’s cosmology and paradoxes of Giambattista Vico’s poetic cosmography

·  Asking the impossible (Review on Eugene Orlov’s “Aristotelian Philosophical Terminology”)

·  Aristotle’s False and Dangerous Signs and their Revival in the Contemporary New Media

·  Aristotelian cultural universals and contemporary cultural conflicts

·  A preamble to the post post-modern Neo-Aristotelianism (Gotthelf, Allan.Teleology, First Principles and Scientific Method in Aristotle's Biology. Oxford Aristotle Studies. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012 (464 pages))

·  Aristotle, Aristotelianism(s), and neo-Aristotelianism – wisdom therapy

·  A preamble to the post post-modern Neo-Aristotelianism (Review of David Roochnik’s “Retrieving Aristotle in an Age of Crisis”)

·  Aristotle’s idea of civilized man and pathway to civilization

•  Subverting Aristotle or cultural history of Europe? (Review of Craig Martin’s Subverting Aristotle: Religion, History and Philosophy in Early Modern Science”)

·  Plato, platonism, Aristotle, Aristotelianism and gap in cultural history

·  Chekhovian neo-Aristotelianism and idea of a perfect man in the age of anxiety

·  Phoenician cosmology as a proto-base for Greek materialism, naturalist philosophy and Aristotelianism

·  Seeking Balance and Harmony amidst Post-modern Confusion (Review of Joel Kaye’s A history of balance, 12501375)